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“The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but it is too low and we hit it” Michelangelo

The Australian Business Journal

We’re an organisation that focuses exclusively on sales transformation. We have a laser like focus in enabling businesses to build winning Go-to-Market strategies and in helping them execute these.

Our experience and expertise has been built over many years, across many industries and markets. The results we have created for our clients speak for themselves.

We work with clients to build bespoke and personal solutions, rather than taking a ‘cookie cutter’ approach.

We keep close to you. We support you through the changes necessary on your transformation journey.

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Who We Are...

McMurdo Consultants as a business has a simple philosophy ~ to bring together the best resources available to help you through the sales transformation process.

The combined capabilities we bring to bear, utilises expertise across multiple markets, and from operating in over 50 countries globally.

We take pride in our connection with our clients, working to build measurable milestones and then partnering to achieve the key metrics agreed.

We transform, we manage the change process and sustain the new ways of working through a series of elements, some or all of which are used in specific projects.

We relish the opportunity to have ‘skin in the game’. We guarantee our work and your success. A bold claim, but one we stand by.