Increase Revenue and Business Efficiency with Sales Transformation in Sydney

The primary goal of a company’s sales team is to increase the year-on-year revenue through internal and external developments. However, the goal is more difficult to achieve than it appears as results don’t come typically easily. While these developments are usually positive and help in boosting the growth of an organisation, internal teams can sometimes take years to implement and adapt to the changes.

As a sales leader, you should be able to help your team adapt to the changes as it comes. So, understanding how to lead your team through sales transformation Sydney and provide them with the crucial tools to succeed is crucial. An agile organisation that constantly innovates and reacts to new opportunities and evolves with the consumers will have a unique competitive advantage and make the most out of its commercial capabilities.

This is exactly where McMurdo Consultants comes into play. We provide the best sales transformation solutions that will help you lead your team through the periods of change and contribute to the overall success of your business.

What is sales transformation and why do you need it?

Essentially, sales transformation refers to aligning the business resources for the sales, marketing, and management teams to improve the sales talents and operations. Sales managers work closely with the sales teams to bring small or major overhauls to their current operations and provide the means necessary to meet the goals of the organisation.

Whether your goal is to increase the business revenue or increase the customer base, informing your salespersons about the need for change and equipping them with the necessary tools and resources to succeed will help you transform the sales channels into actionable strategies and ensure that your organisation meets the desired growth metrics.

At McMurdo Consultants, we constantly use global research to challenge and test our front-line sales modules to ensure that they are up to date with the latest challenges for a sector. We consider the latest trends when designing our simple yet dynamic sales transformation campaigns, which helps your organisation stand apart from the competition.

The tenets of sales transformation

  • Catering to the right audience

One of the first things we help businesses with is evaluating their offerings and determine how they can develop a stronger relationship with each client. We help you identify the right audience and once you find the right fit, we help you develop relevant sales campaigns that fulfil their requirements and close deals. Moreover, we help your sellers decode the right behaviour and equip them with the necessary tools to form meaningful business relationships with your audience.

  • Reconfiguring sales team

After developing the strategies and assessing your current team, we help you assemble sales teams that will be the best fit for the job. Effective recruitment helps you hire salespeople who “know” sales and can consistently build strong and sustainable pipelines to interact with the customer business and drive real value to them. Sales consulting also involve restructuring your existing teams so that each group works in accord with the organisation goals. Finally, we identify and remove the barriers which prevent effective collaboration among sales teams.

  • Incentivise actions

Once the strategies and sales teams are in place, we then help the sales leaders and team managers decode what kind of incentives will be the best motivator for your team. Incentivising actions is something that most organisations think about but fail to figure out what kind of rewards will best suit the salespeople. Moreover, it is also important that the inducements are aligned towards areas of interest that matter the most to your company. Companies that incentivise the wrong actions or place enticements arbitrarily will fail to make the most out of the situation and motivate the salespeople in the wrong way.

  • Emphasise quality leads

As a rule of the thumb, good and loyal customers come from quality leads. Therefore, developing the marketing team is also a crucial part of sales transformation in Sydney. At McMurdo Consultants, we believe that mobilising the entire organisation and accounts teams to deliver relevant insights and solutions adds real value to the customer’s business. Your Key Account Manager will coordinate the planning of each activity to ensure the best outcomes for both the clients and you.

  • Monitor and track performance

Finally, it is also crucial to isolate the key metrics and that drives performance unique to your organisation and monitor the team’s ability to fulfil the goals. We help our clients develop an effective system to monitor and track the performance of their sales teams. A better insight into the team’s performance allows you to formulate the success of sales transformation service and overcome the challenges which are preventing the teams to adapt to the change.

At McMurdo Consultants, our sales transformation solutions are built specifically for each client. A customer-centric approach allows us to ensure total relevance and maximum applicability and cater to the specific needs and challenges of our consumers. Call us to know more about how our solutions can help your business succeed.