Our Approach...

We recognise that the days of just having motivating and inspiring training programmes is not enough to guarantee the changes needed to build new behaviours and practises long term.

We believe innovative, fun, engaging, multifaceted solutions will guarantee that success.

"Who are we, if not measured by the impact we have on others?”

Execution and Implementation.

But how do we make the necessary change stick?

How can we not only create new habits but ‘let go’ of old ones?

When businesses need to re-evaluate and re-scope their strategies to address new challenges, we must ensure that the business and their teams are fully equipped to meet these.

The approaches we use are fully tailored to our clients business drivers, needs and internal capabilities and will develop and sustain the behavioural changes needed to succeed.

We believe we are different. We believe that by putting the customer at the centre of everything we do, it is relatable to your business, the challenges you face and the ‘real-world’.

Journey Mapping

Too many organisations have been subject to developing generic sales approaches with only passing consideration on how this aligns to the customers buying journey.
To add value through the buying process we believe that your sales approach should align to this and  that we ensure the sales teams capabilities are developed in-line with
these specific ways of working. Tailored to your markets; your customers and a process that builds real value.

Sales Simulations.

Sales and Business Simulations are a powerful way to rapidly build competence and confidence on how to have real business conversations with your customer’s executives.

If you want to be able to easily and rapidly talk the language of business then the answer is a Sales Simulation.

They help salespeople appreciate the big picture view of the customer’s business; internal drivers of growth and profit; the larger market context and how to talk finance.

The Simulation works as a combination of learning by doing and competition, creating an interactive and engaging workshop.


Video is a powerful tool in the hands of someone with a message worthy of sharing.

Whether we use video to build brands, tell stories, build customer relationships or assist in a sales team’s training and development, the power of the medium can not only differentiate, but appeal across a range of demographics.

In blended learning we work with video to provide an inspiring and motivating pre workshop briefing. In workshops we use it to demonstrate best practice consistently. Post workshop to reinforce and extend key learnings. In addition, we utilise video to support Train-the-Trainer modules to supplement detailed trainer guides.

The dynamic and professional impact it has, takes learning to another level.